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Medimix Ayurvedic Sandal Soap


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Medimix sandal luxury bathing bar enriched with eladi oil revitalizes skin texture providing skin natural protection from skin tanning and pigmentation, it gives you and your family an glowing bathing experience every time you use it. The birth of Medimix dates back to a time when the cholayil family used viprathi oil as a cure to ailments of the skin. The year 1969 proved pivotal in the family's legacy as Dr. Sidhan combined a timeless tradition with a sharp acumen for business to develop a green bar of soap that could nourish and protect the skin. Medimix, over time, grew synonymous with skin care, the natural way. Strongly rooted in ayurveda, this amalgamation of 18 herbs has been on a constant endeavor to spread the happiness that comes from having young and healthy skin. For generations, women and indeed entire families have placed their trust on Medimix and this is testimony to the magical properties that it holds. Currently available in 3 variants of soaps and a face wash, Medimix is all set to expand its range and further its vision of ayurvedic happiness for all. Nourishes skin, ayurvedic Tanning protection Luxury bathing

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