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True Elements Raw Chia Seeds-150g

Category: Dals, Pulses & Grains

Brand: True Elements
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Though tiny in appearance, Chia Seeds are known to contain relatively higher amounts of calcium than other seeds. True Elements Raw Chia Seeds contain approximately 583mg of Calcium in 100g of serving. Chia Seeds are low in calories and cholesterol, have no added sugar and are also free from any chemicals or preservatives. Chia seeds are also beneficial for skin and hair which makes them all rounder for health. These seeds are super versatile and can easily be incorporated in your daily diet.


  • Chia Seeds are the richest source of Calcium.
  • Improves mineral bone density and Strengthens the muscles.
  • Low in calories and cholesterol.
  • Helps in preventing premature ageing of the skin caused due to free radical damage.
  • Antioxidants Loaded.

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